Argali Carbon Corporation

Argali Carbon Corporation is a Benefit Corporation focused on mitigating Climate Change by investing in and developing carbon offset projects.

Argali has set out to create a platform that is scalable, transparent and that provides verifiable mechanisms to combat climate change by both reducing greenhouse gas emissions and generating carbon offsets through the development of green infrastructure projects. Argali will also help provide smaller project developers with access to financing, project development support and carbon credit sales channels.

Argali Carbon Corporation (“ACC”) serves as a sister company to Argali Climate Fund and will provide project development services for Argali Climate’s Carbon Offset Project investments. ACC will provide the Fund turnkey solutions, from registering its projects to selling the credits to corporate buyers.

African Power Initiative

African Power Initiative is the leading biofuel producer in East Africa.

API was established by a group of like-minded individuals seeking to create new, cheaper, and more environmentally sound carbon-negative fuels for industrial and consumer use. API has crushing, oil separation and refining facilities where natural oils from non-edible, renewable plant sources are converted to biofuels that are supplied to end use customers through well-established distribution channels.

API provides Argali Climate Fund with a strong local partner that will serve as Argali’s strategic partner in Africa, handling the day-to-day management and operations of our Carbon Offset Projects.

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